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Other bookstores order directly from the publisher. You may discover that certain programs are best suited to particular clients who have particular needs. It is best to own a copy of any software that you sell so that you are familiar with it and can explain its features and capabilities. You can then help astrologers and students decide which software to purchase, based on their needs. Also, when you are familiar with the software that you are selling, you can give customer support to your software customers.

Customers are often loyal to a software distributor who provides customer support or gives good advice on which software is best suited to the customer's needs. Call the software manufacturer and sign up for a dealership agreement so you can purchase the software at a wholesale price. Some companies may have limited availability of distributorships or special requirements for you to become a distributor.

Consultations are generally more expensive than computerized interpretations and are designed to enable the client to make important decisions.

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A computerized interpretation provides an objective assessment based solely on the birth data and makes a nice gift that people often like to give to a friend or family member without the expense or requirement to schedule a consultation. Low prices for computerized interpretations work best for most astrologers and astrology businesses.

High prices typically reduce sales dramatically, so this lower price range is recommended. There are exceptions to this rule, however, and there are many variables that affect what price can be charged. The cost of producing a computerized report is very low. The cost of paper, ink, time, cover, etc.

The largest expense typically is the time to produce the report and mailing costs. There are many providers of computerized reports at low prices and probably you want to be within the standard range of prices. In addition to computerized interpretations, most software companies offer various kinds of graphic information printouts or artistically rendered printouts that can be as useful as interpretations.

A typical example of this is an AstroMap printout, which is available from most major software companies. Other kinds of graphic printouts are also available. Note that if you are not an astrologer, do not claim to be one. When you get astrology questions, do not pretend that you know the answer. Simply tell them that you don't know the answer and that you will ask someone who knows and that you will let them know what you find out.


You can send them the correct answer when you have it in hand. You can either get a commission from the fees that they collect or make some other reasonable arrangement with the astrologers.

Offering small items can enhance your business. Make sure that you don't overstock these items. Keep track of how well different items sell. Some manufacturers will allow you to return the items if you don't sell them within a month of so, but most manufacturers will not accept returns of unsold inventory.

Running an astrological business when you are an astrologer: Some consultants in astrology as well as other fields offer flexible payments, depending on the financial status of the client. In general, any situation that involves flexibility will leave some people feeling maltreated because they did not receive as good a "deal" as someone else and can result in a lot of haggling over fees.

A simple fee structure for all is best. If you want to help the needy, then you can do this on a voluntary basis separate from your normal consultation service. Providing assistance to the needy can be done in a way that makes it distinct from your normal services. One way to accomplish this is to provide it in a different location. Consider adding other services to your consultation service if you do not do so already! Some astrologers find that giving the client a computerized reading, an attractive printout of their chart wheel, a tape of the consultation, or other tangible "goodies" when they leave the consultation gives the client a feeling of tremendously increased value.

People who receive frequent astrological consultations also tend to have at least a mild interest in astrology. After finding that you are an excellent astrologer via their consultation, they will greatly respect any recommendations you have for learning astrology, astrology books, and astrology software. You may find that there is much more that you can do to serve your clients in addition to providing the consultation.

Consider the possibility of providing books, software, or other services, or at least be able to refer clients to a good source for these items. Providing consultations and classes as well as books and software can be synergistic: each of these services feeds the other services and enables you to provide everything your astrological clients want.

Another ingredient that you can add to consulting, teaching, and selling books and software is writing. You can write articles, books and interpretive reports for software companies. Royalty rates for sales of interpretive reports paid by software companies are typically much higher than royalty rates paid by publishers for books. Form of Payment: There are common forms of payment: check, cash, and credit card.

Shiva Gange Astro Research Institute

If possible, you should accept all 3 methods. Credit card payment is the most popular, and I highly recommend that you accept credit cards. Before the Internet, the only way to accept credit cards was to become a credit card merchant. The requirements to become a credit card merchant usually include a physical store front, a large volume of credit card business each month, or both. The alternative to being a credit card merchant is to use one of the credit card merchant services. Paypal is a popular service, and Paypal will set up your account for free. Details can be found at paypal.

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Other credit card merchant services that are similar to payal. Ask your bank how long it takes for checks from your customers to clear; most likely it will be in the range of 5 to 10 work days. Bounced checks fee from your bank are now very costly however. I will suggest requesting a money order or certified check payment to avoid this issue.

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Before signing up for a credit card merchant contract, find out the details and perhaps hidden charges that may be involved. Ask every possible question that you have in mind, even if you think it is not relevant. You will be surprised how much information you can get when you ask all kinds of questions before signing a contract. Dealing with customers: In trying to please all customers, you may be inclined to get yourself into some situations which are better avoided.

One situation to avoid as much as possible is giving deals or specials and different treatment to some of your customers. Always treat everyone the same as you treat others. The temptation to give special treatment to people is very strong, but usually the special treatment will go unappreciated and even cause greater problems. Here are some guidelines for providing a good service to your clients and customers: a Answer your phone during business hours.

I do not recommend an answering machine during normal business hours because the time and cost of returning these calls can be prohibitive. You can end up playing telephone tag and talking about nonessentials when you do reach the person. Having a person answer the phone on the second ring is best; if the phone rings 4 or 5 times before you answer it, the caller may hang up before you answer or may feel that you are not interested and motivated to respond to clients. If the person who is calling has a complaint, listen carefully to the complaint.

Try not to respond to anger or hostility with hostility. This can be very difficult to do! When you do, it can catch you off guard and you can be completely unprepared for it. If callers are angry, do not become "infected" with their anger. Listen attentively and do not get embroiled in an argumentative dispute. Just listen with understanding that they have the problem and that you need to listen and give the best answer to calm them down.

It is best that you are ready with the response when it is your turn to talk. Be prepared with pen and paper handy when you answer a phone call. Dealing with very difficult and unreasonable people in running a business is the most upsetting customer contact that you will experience. They will always try to make you feel that all of their problems are your fault.

They will often give unacceptable and irritating remarks. DO NOT get into their current mood. Keep in mind that they are frustrated because of a problem, and frustration is not their normal state of mind. Always think that such customers may be having difficulty in their own daily life. So listening and understanding where they are coming from is the best tool to avoid getting embroiled with their current state of mind. Always answer questions directly and to the point.

Read the letter or e-mail several times if necessary until you fully understand it before responding. Sudden impulse can cause you to respond much more harshly than you will at a later time. We provide you with free merchandising material, and support on our products and services. Astro-Vision is a name easily recognized and held in great esteem in the world of astrology services. Astro-Vision is open to your suggestions and queries.

Just fill in the given fields if you have anything to speak or enquire with us. Vedic Astrology, for today and tomorrow. The digital avatars of Vedic Science yielding accurate calculations and meeting contemporary demands make us the trusted brand in astrology services. Team Astro-Vision is a unique combination of astrology and IT faculties operating in harmony. We have been the flag bearers, since our inception, in promoting Vedic astrology knowledge coupled with the latest IT developments. Having pioneered the development of astrology software in India, today we mentor the people around the globe.

We steadily evolve with technology and develop innovative solutions to meet the varying requirements of customers. Our broad array of services helps individuals, families and businesses, in numerous aspects. The astrology portal www. Also our software products see www.

No.1 Astrology Software - Free Download - Astro-Vision LifeSign Mini

Astro-Vision has strategic tie-ups with leading brands; many leading mobile subscribers, telecom operators and popular websites in India are powered by our web based astrology solutions. Astrology Portal The one stop site for detailed horoscope and astrology solutions generates free reports concerning family, relations, health, wealth, education, career etc. Astrology Products Our astrology softwares suiting the various requirements of individuals, astrologers, astrology students and business centers are exemplar in precision and are available at affordable rates. Ideas for life, Ideas at work.

Abide by the law of the land and be fair to the field of science that we follow Value customer satisfaction by providing positive and trusted solutions and by not using fear to attract consumers Future-proof our solutions by being early adopters of technological advancements Take care and be fair to employees, vendors, and stakeholders along with profitable and sustainable growth. It serves people with a variety of astrology reports which help them know the effects of cosmic forces on various fields of their lives. Positively guide and inspire a billion people to lead a better life.

Help people across the world enhance their inner strength by providing accessible, affordable and positive guidance based on authentic works in astrology and related fields. Achieve international benchmarks in terms of quality, technology, efficiency, and communication. The management faculty of organization houses people with global exposure experienced in executing intricate projects. They always maintain a friendly and spirited ambience, letting members stay motivated and excel with their skills. From passion to perfection.. The passion to explore the vast stream of Vedic Astrology and to deliver its essence for the goodness of people makes us evolve with the fast changing world.

How we evolved. Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Ltd had its humble beginning in as a small partnership firm in Cochin, India. We adopt the latest developments in IT, to provide a range of solutions relevant to people of all ages and professions. Also, we follow our hearts in the service we provide, giving hope and remedies to the users and helping them tackle the negativities. Ltd has gone past the 3 decades, which saw drastic changes in technology, culture and lifestyles, and is still adapting to maintain the coveted status in the field of digital astrology services.

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She is a published author at Huffingtonpost and Entrepreneur and has been featured in several international publications of repute. He heads the Quality Control Division at Gemstoneuniverse besides operations. He is touched fondly by the grace of Guruji Shrii Arnav and initiated into study of Astro-gemology for more than 9 years. His vision is to make every individual empowered with right Gemstone recommendation together with right counselling and direction in career, relationship through Planetary Gemology and astrology.